We are now closed, I started teaching martial arts in Raleigh NC since 1987 and taught my last class in December of 2018.  

Come and Join us as we deveolp: 

  • Biblical Character Training, 
  • Self-defense skills,  
  • Physical Fitness!
  • Fun!

Dear Fellow Parent,

We teach a martial arts program in Raleigh because we desire to partner with you to be a God-centered resource for training your children 3 1/2 years and older in godliness, Christ-like character, physical fitness and self-defense.

The goal of our currlculum is to fan into flame desires for God by exalting the greatness and worth of God and His redeeming work through Christ.

If that is your desire and if you also desire to help your child develop a polite and respectful attitude and good manners, and a desire to do what is right in the sight of God when faced with tough choices, then we desire to partner with you, and Lord willing, by God's grace,make an eternal impact in your child's life and his or her relationships with others, all for the glory of God!

Our hope is for all whom God brings through our doors that they will realize that the greatest need in all our lives is to know and cherish the infinite value of God.   And, that they will come to know and love His Word and treasure Jesus alone as the one who saves and brings ever increasing joy.

In this web site, I'm going to tell you how you and your child can take our exciting program for a test drive, RISK FREE.

Hello, my name is Adam Schainblatt, husband, and father of three children boys. I am also steward and Director of Raleigh Karate For Christ. 

Since 1987 I have been nurturing children like yours in "generic" martial arts (Tae Kwon Do and Karate) in Raleigh N.C.

In 2005 God opened a door for me to start Karate For Christ. It is such a blessing for me to see God working in the lives of our students and myself as I seek to be a good steward and make the best use of the time I have with each student.

Discover the joy you will have when you see your child learning and applying:

  • 49 specific Biblical character traits
  • 49 character focused scripture verses
  • 5 specific and practical ways for expressing each character trait into her life! (or 245 total!)  More specifics on this powerful part of our course later in this letter.
  1. All this wrapped up in an exciting and fun class.
  2. All this with a RISK FREE 30-day Money Back Guarantee!
  3. All this with NO long term contracts - stay as long as you like or cancel at any time for any reason with a 30-day written notice

When I was putting the curriculum together I prayed “Lord, what should I teach the kids you entrust to me?” 

... and His answer was,  “teach them what I have put into your heart to teach your own children.”

Well, here it is. I hope and pray that God will use the staff of Raleigh Karate For Christ and this curriculum to Glorify Himself and to help all the children whose lives we touch:

  • to be soundly saved,
  • to be firmly rooted in God’s Word, 
  • to be prepared for spiritual battle,
  • to have compassion for the lost,
  • to be prepared in season and out of season to share the Gospel,
  • to have a love that is secure,
  • to have a purpose that is significant,
  • to have a hope that is strong
  • to cherish the infinite value of God thru Christ alone 

You will be excited as you start to see your child looking for ways she can display Christ-like character in her life.  And this is just the beginning!

"to bring about the obedience of faith for the sake of his name."  Romans 1:5

Adam Schainblatt, Director
10940 Raven Ridge Rd., Ste 118-120
Raleigh, NC 27614

You can contact me at (919) 817-8350 or email or our Facebook page.


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