What your Neighbors Think.

The following testimonies are by no means a desire to draw attention to ourselves but to give glory to God at what HE has been doing in and through the lives of people led to us. Without God's strength, wisdom and empowering, NOTHING would be accomplished in our program to His Glory.

"Not only has Adam personally attained a remarkable degree of expertise in the martial arts, but he is wonderful with kids, has a parents perspective, and an exemplary walk of faith. He will help many kids grow deep roots of faith while they develop the physical skills and character attributes which honor God and aid their success in life. I highly recommend him and his program."

Chuck Milian, Senior Pastor, Crossroads Fellowship Church, Raleigh NC

"It gives me great pleasure to write and thank you for your most generous donation to my Kick Drugs Out of America Foundation.  Needless to say, it was a thrill for me to accept a check for $143,000 from EFC Chairman Nick Cokinos representing the tireless work of you and your EFC friends.I am honored to be associated with EFC and I am so grateful that my current team of 2,400 "Karate Kids" will grow as a result of your commitment and work.  It is obvious you share my concern for our nation's most precious resource - our children.  Again, many thanks for your support and I hope to see yo next year!

Chuck Norris

"My son Henry was your one of your new students tonight.  He LOVED it, I thought he would but from talking to you I was not sure if he would be willing to go out there and participate.  

You were so welcoming to him and you got down on his level to explain what to do, he warmed up to you amazingly well. I was amazed at how excited he was to do everything and he has talked about it all night.  You have us hooked for sure.  

Thank you so much for welcoming him into the class so sweetly.  This will be a great confidence booster.  Also the prayer that you did before was fantastic."

Kathryn Tromba, Mother of Henry 3.5 years old and Paul 5 years old, Tiny Tiger Students.

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