About KK4C

Karate Kids For Christ is a Super-Fun Christ-centered program of martial arts for children in Raleigh, N.C.  It is designed to encourage children to apply God's Word to their lives, develop and learn Christ-like character and sports fitness..

Kids Love it! And Kids get the attention and encouragement they need! 

Lord willing you will never have a need for self defense, but you will have the skills to defend yourself and your family if necessary.  You will learn the Safest and Most Effective Self Defense.

Adam Schainblatt began his martial arts training in 1979. The KK4C curriculum blends the best techniques of Torite Jutsu Kara-te, Tae Kwon Do, Ryukyu Kempo, Small Circle Jujitsu, Modern Arnis and other weapons for a highly effective and practical system.

Innovative Teaching - A Note from the School Director:

"I have been teaching/studying martial arts for over 25 years and have found that there are several shortcomings in how the martial arts are being taught. In a typical martial arts school one class may have several levels of students each needing their own curriculum taught causing less time spent per student per technique. The end result was low quality technique and a student confused between performance and simply learning the various techniques in order to "get their next belt."

"I saw a need to increase the speed in which the students progress mentally and physically by having the student set goals that are tied to overall performance and not simply memory. This is why we use a very innovative and unique teaching method that does not simply focus on learning the physical movements of the martial arts. Instead, our instructors are able to raise the overall focus on quality of both mental and physical technique and add variety and excitement to the lesson plan. You will be amazed at the difference!"

"I strongly believe that proper physical fitness habits should be developed early in childhood. It allows for future physical activities to be more enjoyable and interesting for your child. It gives your child the confidence and ability to have a positive experience in a variety of endeavors, and it will satisfy the important need for regular physical exercise in maintaining optimal health. I hope all of my students will never have the need for the self-defense aspect of our program, but if they do, they will be armed with the most practical and effective means of self defense, and the self control and self discipline that must go along with such knowledge."

"Your interests, concerns and complete satisfaction as well as your progress towards your goals are my utmost priority! If you are even a bit curious about what the KK4C has to offer ... if you have a feeling that this might be one of the most important things you can do for your child, I encourage you to register today and try it for 30 days. We only allow a small number of students per class per instructor.  We are looking forward to hearing from you!" - Adam Schainblatt

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