Class Procedures

Special Note to Yellow Belt and Higher...

- Mondays and Tuesdays are 'A' Days: sparring and kata

- Wednesdays and Thursdays are 'B' Days: self defense and techniques and combinations

- safety equipment is necessary on all ‘A’ Days

Member's Attendance Check List:

- Arrive a few minutes prior to your scheduled classes.

- Parents:  please enter your child's ID number before class starts

- For Best results attend class on a regular and consistent schedule twice per week

- Do not wear shoes on mats.

- Place street shoes and jackets neatly in cubbies.

- Quietly prepare for your class (PLEASE DO NOT DISTURB THE CLASS IN SESSION). Please keep your voices low and enter the dojo when the class before you has dismissed.  Enter through the door near the orange room.  If you are early please sit and stretch.  Do not play or use the equipment.

- Respect should always be shown to your instructors, staff and fellow students and parents.

- No food or drink is allowed in the school except for bottled water. The crumbs left behind, the smells of the foods, and the noise of eating and the packaging are very distracting for the students in class.

- Members and guests should always be well mannered and behave properly.

- When using equipment, always return it neatly to proper place.

- CLOTHING: Please only wear fresh, clean, odor free karate uniforms. If your karate uniform or KK4C T-shirt is soiled, stained, dirty or smell from sweat please do not wear them to class. If necessary purchase additional uniforms or KK4C T-shirts.

- FEET: Those that are in karate class and practice in bare feet please wash your feet before coming to class if your feet tend to have an odor at the end of the day or if they are dirty from playing outside. On your trip to our school it may help to wear socks, as sandals and flip-flops can make clean feet stinky again!

- On "A" days Karate students should arrive early enough to put on their safety equipment before class starts and then leave your equipment bag along the wall inside the dojo.

Note to Parents

- Parents of smaller children who are not participating in class are asked to ensure that the classes are not distracted by keeping them quiet and under control.

- Please do not let your children run loose, mistreat or play with equipment, or put hands on glass and mirrors.

- Parents are also asked not to distract the class by sideline teaching and talking to your child during class.

- Please keep conversations low so as not to distract the class in session.

- The more you watch your child in class, and begin to remember and understand the techniques taught, you can be a great encourager and helper during home practice. When parents actively participate in this way we see a definite difference with the length of the younger students motivation and interest as well as their skill development. Thanks! And keep up the great work!

- Thank you in advance for observing these rules, your cooperation in making our school a clean and pleasant part of your day will be appreciated by all!

- Holiday Schedules and Inclement Weather Closings

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