Instructor Training Info

I.T. Program provides you with THE HIGHEST LEVEL OF TRAINING


-          By invitation only 

-          Includes all of the LEADERSHIP Program PLUS:

-          A special monthly class in which you will Develop the skills and knowledge of an instructor and/or get certified as an instructor such as:

o   Learn how to properly explain and demonstrate all the techniques in our curriculum and therefore learn the explicit details and depth of the curriculum like never before

o   Advanced Leadership skills

o   Advanced Motivation skills for self and others

o   Advanced Communication and Organization skills

-          Application of Leadership skills in an internship opportunity at KK4C

o   greatly improve your own skills…. More than you could ever imagine!

o   you will be able to join with us in making a great and wonderful impact on the lives of the younger students. 

o   even if teaching as an occupation or a part time or full time job is not an interest of yours this program is great for those serious about learning all they can about our curriculum.

o   Currently the ITP meets one time a month for 60 minutes and then you will apply and practice what you learn in the ITP class by helping in 2 or more classes during the week.

o   If qualified and when of age, potential teaching staff position opportunity at KK4C or opening a franchise of KK4C

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