Leadership Upgrade Information

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The Leadership Upgrade Program and the separate Padded Weapons Class are the same curriculum and learn together however the Leadership Program also includes the following and is only for current karate members.

What is the purpose of the Leadership Program?

  • To help keep your child motivated and excited about his/her karate classes by added something new and exciting.
  • Our stats show that kids in Leadership typically make it all the way to black belt; kids not in Leadership seem to quit sooner and not make it to black belt.
  • When a child stays all the way to black belt this means he or she has been thru the entire character curriculum which takes 49 months to complete!  And that is AWESOME and IMPACTFUL!  
  • Students in the LEADERSHIP program can become a Black Belt in Weapons as well as becoming a Black Belt in Karate. That is right! Two black belts simultaneously! 

If your child quits before reaching black belt then we lost the chance to make the impact we hoped to in his/her life with our biblical character training.

Remember a Black Belt is a White Belt that never quit!

When should I Consider the Leadership Program For My Child?

When to start the LEADERSHIP Program is a decision usually made within a few weeks to two months from your initial enrollment. The earlier the better so he/she can start the extra training sooner and time the achievment of two black belts so they are achieved about the same time.

When you first enrolled your child into our school you enrolled into our BASIC program. This gives both you and your child a chance to

1) evaluate our program

2) to see if your child enjoys classes here

3) an opportunity to qualify for our Leadership Program.

Over the first few weeks of participating in our program join us in observing your child to see if he/she:

1. Is happy in class

2. Has a good attitude in class

3. Has set Black Belt as a goal

4. Is making efforts to apply the character training taught in class at home

5. Wants to come to class

The Leadership Program is not for everyone. But, I do encourage students to join the Leadership Program as soon as possible if it is a good fit.

If you find that your child is not excited about karate classes, and you do not observe the five attitudes and actions listed above, then I recommend for you to re-evaluate the LEADERSHIP program down the road and to stay in the Basic program. But go ahead and keep reading so you know about this program.

If you feel sitting down with myself and your child in a conference would help, I encourage you to let me know. 

Here is what you will receive as a member of the LEADERSHIP PROGRAM:

  • Opportunity to get a Black Belt in Weapons! (Most students who enroll into the Leadership Program before they are a yellow belt earn their Karate Black Belt and their Weapons Black Belt at the same time!)
  • THREE hours of ADDITIONAL INSTRUCTION each month
  • TWO HOURS of extra instruction broken down into an EXTRA TWENTY MINUTES of training after every class two times a week, six times a month ( NOT HELD AFTER A TEST)
  • Your child will also have the opportunity to develop the following as she is picked to be a helper/leader in the regular classes:  Leadership skills; Motivation skills for self and others; Communication and Organization skills
  • Your child will also receive basic Instructor Skills on how to run a class so they will feel confident when they are picked to lead stretches or help a fellow student
  • KK4C Leadership Membership is similar to your Basic membership in that you may cancel at any time, for any reason, with a 30-day written notice.

OK, I do want a Black Belt and Biblical Character Training, now what?

You will need to switch from the mindset of karate being a hobby or a recreational activity to a school, with a curriculum and processes and testing. We tell new students to try the Basic program for a while and test it out. But sooner or later make the commitment to get your Black Belt. As a school we are committed to doing everything we can to help your child succeed in our program. Ready to Apply

Q) How much does the KK4C LEADERSHIP Program cost?

A) Click here for pricing.

Q) Am I guaranteed a Black Belt?

A) We do guarantee that everyone who never quits and does their best can achieve a Black Belt eventually. We do not guarantee belts by a specific date and especially a Black Belt as they must be earned. 

If you are interested or have questions please just let us know!


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